Yamae at a glance

     Sanjiang Derun has a complete quality management system, strict production process management and professional design and development control standards, to provide customers with wind turbine ancillary equipment one-stop solution, and to provide customers with intelligent lifting equipment, lifting equipment, offshore platform lifting equipment, platform cover automatic switch device, safety fall prevention system, climbing system and other wind turbine intelligent ancillary equipment and after-sales service. The Enterprise serves the domestic and foreign profession mainstream manufacturer, provides the intelligent equipment as well as the service plan obtains the customer's consistent high praise.

Professional, young, idealistic, and highly motivated

     Headquartered in Wuqing District, Tianjin, the company is a technology-driven manufacturing enterprise, which has 15 years of industry experience, 2 experts, 4 senior engineers, and a wind turbine operation and maintenance of more than 8 years of Engineering Service team.

    Sanjiang Derun  insists on serving customers, taking science and technology innovation as the main idea, taking rapid response as the direction, relying on professional focus to do things, providing customers with more than expected value return

Direction: Intelligence, Innovation, service, quality